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Record A Phone Call During These 3 Important Situations

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Productivity Tips | 0 comments

Routine discussions and conversations speak to more than the words individuals trade. Interestingly, whether you are employed or have your employees, there are many critical times when you wish you could record a phone call from the beginning but you usually realize that later.

However, with the Mimik phone call recorder, it doesn’t need to be that way.

In this very first article of ours, we will talk about the three most important scenarios when you should record a phone call.

  1. Legal discussions
  2. Sales & Deal closing calls
  3. Customer support and service calls

But before we begin discussing, we thought it’s good to share a small tip about phone call recording laws especially if you’re based in the USA.

According to the Federal Law in the USA, some states require two-party assent while the others require just one-party assent. Similarly, in the UK, it’s generally prohibited to record a phone call without notifying the other party upfront. In the interim, different countries and states have their very own guidelines about recording phone conversations

Therefore, before you record your next call, make sure to refer to the phone recording laws in your location to avoid any legal issues afterward.

So here comes our first scenario when you should record a phone call.

Record A Phone Call When Discussing A Legal Case

Record a phone call for legal discussion

This is more important for professionals working in the legal sector (lawyers, secretaries, counselors etc) who have to speak to different clients on the phone. Similarly, recording phone conversation could also be useful in cases when you are a business owner or at a key position in a company where you might have to discuss essential matters on the phone call with a customer or a third party vendor.

A) Recording Important Evidence

Sometimes you come across situations when you have caught somebody in a lie over a phone call and you wished another person heard it. Luckily enough, with Mimik call recorder app, you can easily record conversations that can turn out to be very solid evidence in the court.

In fact, many lawyers and even individuals have been recording telephone calls to use as proof in lawful cases for quite a long time, yet the move to cell phones has made this even more easy than it was previously.

There are cases when one of your business partners, vendors or employees go rogue and they are trying to harm your company. For that, you may require to provide a proof against them to assist legal authorities to get into action.

Whatever the circumstances be, recorded phone calls are one of the admissable evidences that individuals can take advantage of in legal cases.

B) Discussions With Legal Advisors

Both the legal advisors or counselors and their customers use call recording to keep a record of what discussions and conversations took place between them on legal matters and disputes.

Since such disputes usually take months to come to a conclusion, keeping track of each and every legal dialog becomes a hassle, especially for the clients involved.

Also, as it is a standard legal practice of recording and documenting everything related to a particular case, applications like Mimik makes it super simple to record phone calls on iPhone and web, as well attach custom label for each recording.

Improve Sales Performance by Recording Sales & Deal Closing Calls

Record a phone call for sales calls

Irrespective of whether the client is an individual shopper or a large business, when a confounded obtaining choice is at stake, individuals still like to have a discussion with a qualified sales rep. And that opens the entryway for a client relationship to create or extend.

Recording prospect and client discussions has two essential advantages:

1) Improved discussion abilitiesWe infrequently think about the objections and unbalanced minutes until we think back

2) Extreme memoryEvery discussion your record offers exact detail of your client’s needs and essential requirements

Recording deal closing calls is an initial step to improving the number and nature of client connections, which thusly expands deals and improves sales performance of not just you but your entire sales team.

Recording and Monitoring Customer Service Calls

Record a phone call for customer satisfaction

Individuals go to outrageous lengths to abstain from calling a client support line. What’s more, for a valid justification!

Long hold up times, confounding telephone menus, and robotized operators. Also, that is before you even converse with somebody.

At last arriving at a client assistance agent isn’t any purpose behind alleviation. A bigger number of times than not, managing them feels like a bet, particularly in case you’re calling the link organization.

Here’s the place recording a client support telephone call can be an immense assistance:

  • You’ll have a record of vital data like names of delegates alongside all reference and case numbers.
  • You’ll have proof of the guidance client service delegates give you and the manner in which they treat you.
  • It’s not only an incredible method to recall profitable data however helps keep organizations responsible.


Do you know any more conversations that you think you should be recording? Let us know in the comments below.