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Top 5 Call Recording Apps for iPhone Compared

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Productivity Tips | 0 comments

Call recording apps have their own importance these days. Don’t we all need to record what exactly was said on a call? It doesn’t matter whether you are calling for sharing details on a new project or wanting to have evidence for legal purposes, you will not be able to remember every small detail unless you record it. That is why call recording apps have become such a useful tool in today’s business world.

Although call recording is no more offered as a default feature with iPhone, the good news is it’s very easy to record calls now by installing a reliable call recording app. There are many call recording software and applications available in the market but we’ll be comparing only the top five ones.

Side Note: Call recording apps are nowadays one of the most essential apps in everyone’s productivity toolkit but you need to ensure that you check your country’s regulations because call recorders are considered illegal in some countries. Moreover, I have checked that all the below mentioned apps are compatible with the newest iOS, which is iOS 13 as well as with the older iOS versions.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Call Recording App #1 – MIMIK

You must be wondering what makes Mimik to be on the no#1 rank on this list .. As I’ve said in the beginning that I’ve tested all the apps that I’ll be discussing here and what makes Mimik the best call recording app is the number of unmatched features that it has to offer. Recording all incoming and outgoing phone calls with was never so simple! But with Mimik, you can record literally unlimited calls with just a few taps and access your recordings on the go anywhere anytime.

The best thing about Mimik is that you that there’s no duration cap at all. That means you can now record unlimited calls with absolutely No Recording Limits, and you can also share your call recordings via email and social media. You also don’t have to worry about storage limits either as Mimik offers unlimited cloud storage with end-to-end encryption to ensure all your data stays safe and secure on the cloud.

And did I mention that Mimik comes with a cool web app?

At the moment, Mimik is the only platform to offer a dedicated web app unlike all the other call recording apps available in the market. This is great for users who don’t have an iPhone (Android users) or for professional sales people and consultant who want advanced customization options and want to keep a track of all the recordings right from their browser.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Call Recording App #2 – TAPEACALL

TapeACall comes as a standard version as well as TapeACall pro which is an upgraded version of the TapeACall standard. It’s one of the oldest call recording apps which have a pretty decent userbase and overall a good reputation. The application seems to have an outdated interface but works good when it comes to recording phone calls. When you are on a call, simply tap on the record button and the app will make a three-way phone call where the third-line is being utilized to record the call. In my testing, the application lagged a bit but overall it worked without any serious issues and records the call that sounded pretty clear.

The app additionally gives you a chance to share the recordings through online social media and email. You can even transfer the call recordings to cloud storage (only Google Drive and Dropbox supported).

The biggest turn off for me while using both the standard TapeACall app and its Pro version is the user interface which actually looks similar to almost every other call recording app out there. Moreover, unlike Mimik’s 14 days of free trial, TapeACall can be used for only 7 days free, after which you obviously need to pay if you want to keep using its service. Overall, TapeACall is a complete package but it needs to seriously work on its user experience area to stand out.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Call Recording App #3 – Call Recorder Unlimited

With Call Recorder Unlimited, you get call recordings with no cutoff points, and you don’t need to stress over coming up short on credits. You simply pay for a month, and you’re good to go.

You can record both outgoing and incoming calls, and it doesn’t make a difference to what extent the call keeps going. When you are done with the call, you can share your call recordings via email, SMS, and social media like all the common call recording apps.

This app comes with most of the commonly offered features available in the standard versions of many call recording apps like TapeACall.

For example, it allows you to upload your recordings to cloud storage (Google Drive and Dropbox) and it also uses the three-way calling method to record phone calls just like TapeACall does.

Regarding the ease of use and in-app experience, there isn’t much that impressed me to be honest. The user interface seems almost the same like most of the other call recording apps have to offer.

Call Recorder Unlimited is ideal if you are a solo business person with a limited call recording requirement and you don’t want any advanced customization or recording features.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Call Recording App #4 – CALL RECORDER LITE

Call Recorder Lite is a free application that gives you a chance to record both the incoming and outgoing calls. It uses a similar three-way call combine system to record your calls as we have seen with call recorder unlimited and tapeacall.

To record a call, you have to initially open the application and afterward tap on the record call button. Here, the application will first dial the recording number to make you connected and then you can dial the number you need to call. When you blend both the calls, your call will begin getting recorded.

It comes with the standard features like it allows you to upload the call recordings on Dropbox or Google Drive and you can also share emails via social media and email.

Call Recorder Lite comes as a free version that will let you record unlimited calls but only for 60 seconds and there’s a pro version, which allows you to buy the credits for 300 minutes. Frankly, I didn’t like this credit based pricing which will eventually cost higher and is not suitable for anyone who need regular call recording such as lawyers or insurance agents.

Overall Rating: 3/5


IntCall is available on the iPhone and it allows you to record outgoing calls only. The recorded voice calls are private and secure and sparing to the iPhone itself as opposed to saving money on the third-party server.

You need to purchase extra credits to use this call recording app, and it charges you per minute rates to record calls which I didn’t like at all. The per minute charge could be good for someone who rarely needs to record a call but not for professionals who require recording several different calls for different purposes.

Comparitively, IntCall doesn’t seem to offer much especially to a professional user like a salesperson, consultant, or a  business owner.

Overall Rating: 3/5


I have tried to compare the top 5 call recording apps which can help you in recording voice calls on your iPhone. There are indeed so many call recorders out there, some of them come with pricey tags and some have serious reliability issues. Overall what I’ve experienced so far is that the most secure and reliable call recording app is MIMIK which comes really handy and allows us to record incoming and outgoing unlimited calls with or without an iPhone.